Friday, June 26, 2009

this is bad real bad, michael jackson

What did you grow up listening to? Michael Jackson was one of my biggest idols in my primary school days.

Those were the days I wore my hair like an electric shock. I swore if I met me then, I would shake the begeesus out of me and slap my face with a baseball bat. Thankfully, I've grown to terms with my questionable hair-raising days, enough to joke about it. You're no fun if you can't make fun of yourself.

I remember sitting my cousins down to listen to Michael Jackson. I would blast my hi-fi and demonstrate awkward limb movements i.e. the anyhow dance though at that time, it remained un-named, much like a bastard child no one wants. Fret not, I take full ownership now.

I told Azlan I would marry MJ and I don't care what people say. I would hunt him down, knock on his door, get down on one knee and propose. In my mind, he would accept and we would elope. It is important to note that this was before peer pressure sank in and took away my innocent ideals. (So glad to be over and done with it)

Years after, I heard he had a particular liking for little boys. So, I guess he's just not my type. We could've been, you know (in my dreams).

Rest In Peace.

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