Monday, June 29, 2009

where the hell is matt

I love this Visa - Where the hell is Matt? advertisement. The anyhow dance has gone international, that's right.

I've been reminiscing MJ like the rest of the ingrates who only know how to appreciate a legend when they're dead and gone. Hop on to the bandwagon of a sad but true reality.

I think the last few days has been enough for me to OD on MJ. I even tried the grab-crotch-OWWW-move a couple of times. I'm not exactly proud. Ermmmm, awkward.

K bye.


Linda NJ said...

this is really coincidental. i came to know about matt harding for a while now.. but last weekend, i decided to use his video for one of my lessons and i have been playing it way too many times now. haha.

lagu dia sedap kan kan kan!

adrenalene.xs said...


im a sucker for coincidences! (or just a sucker, oh wells)