Wednesday, July 29, 2009

blowin' in the wind

So I didn't drink bandung in Bandung but it was all good.

Jakarta was a concrete mess. I can't say I truly enjoyed cars kissing each others' derriere like how snitches scheme on people. I don't see the point in the ugliness of concrete madness and the lack of concrete being. No, this does not map me on a rigorous moral compass for I do commit sinister crimes in a world of capitalism and consumerism.

Give me history, culture, myths, nostalgia but not modern architecture made with state of the art technology yet reeks of dispassion.

But with that, I would like to add that it doesn't matter where you are physically because the only thing that can stop you from having a good time is your mind. I still had good company and did everything in good fun.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I found that line in the rundown pavements of Bandung. I was re-acquainted with sunshine but the cool weather made us a threesome.

I met a little boy begging for money to buy schoolbooks and I did him a favour by giving him none (or at least I hope). I've heard of exploitation of MNCs towards developing nations but to think that that road would be narrowed down to a parent exploiting his own offspring for free money is so disheartening. I want no part of a double-edged sword.

  • a) If I had given him the money, I would be encouraging his parents to exploit him. The boy would never think much of school because a textbook would take too many years and a pitiful face takes a few minutes to be profitable. The boy might not even be attending school and the money was fuelling parents' laziness.
  • b) If I didn't give him the money, he wouldn't be able to afford an education given the birth defect of voldemort-evil parents.

In any case, I deem b as the lesser of two evils. Either that, or I'm just the ice queen.

And as cold as winter is my heart, I chose the opportunity cost and spent that money on my personal material well-being. There's a classic FML moment. Bandung robbed me of millions and I came back to Jakarta as a pauper, re-asserting the fact that people will always be who they've always been and never a promise.

I am that bankrupt promise.


On my flight back to Singapore, I saw the sunset while I was above clouds. I've seen many pretty things in this life but this was unlike anything. The clouds swallowed the orange light, greying it into night. I would think that this was a sight comparable to the desert combining aesthetic forces with the ocean.

At one point when the orange hues were almost greyed out, a light burst out of the smoke, forming a gradient. A picture paints a thousand words but there was only one word which could accurately describe this - hope, like emerging out of darkness and into the light.

I love it when the universe conspires to give you just what you need. Life as an open road, trafficking the like-minded and demolishing the four walls.

More pics of the Indo trip here.

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