Thursday, July 2, 2009


After a few failed attempts at self-amusement, I've decided writing more gibber could help me waste away a few minutes. I've been busiest for the longest time and this moment is a rarity.
B O (rin) double G, like Snoop D O double G

It is ironic how having this free time is making me mind-numbingly bored, but I shall not stoop to the level of wishing there was more work to do. After all, Stoupe is the enemy of mankind.

As of now, I'm thinking about Keri Hilson in her video "Knock You Down". I would like to thank the heavens for when her ass mightily falls from the sky and onto the bed. Earth shatters at that sight. Can I get an amen please. Hells to the yes.

This video is kinda screwed and the graphics are slowed down. I couldn't find a decent one. Oh wells, dessert or disaster?

I love food after midnight. It's like the germs conspired to marinate the fine meat chunks and gloriously presents itself, intriguing my tastebuds (and going straight to my butt). Hungerrry. Thanks lah.


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