Friday, July 10, 2009

peculiarly interested

Come August, I will be a full-time bum. Expect that there will be heavy parasital behaviour much like a flea to a dog, you can woof while I suck your blood. I can't wait!

Yeah, I know how I like to position myself with the most inappropriate of things. I enjoy playing the role of the bastard child of society, who just doesn't quite fit into a round hole.

I would rather be a misfit than spread my ideals like it were news, just to fit in, even with god-awful boring ones or Lil Wayne wannabes. Thick skin, thin principles.

Speaking of know how, I'm currently digging "Know How" by Kings Of Convenience featuring Feist. It begins slowly, then in the latter part of the song, Feist starts singing in this mellow voice that only she knows how. Loves it!

I will probably be dropping by the Da Vinci exhibition over the weekend. I promise to put on the most serious face minus the snide remarks, pretend to know art and science when I know nuts, and be totally opinionated. Smart that way, but silly all the way.

Alrighty, I'm off to textually harass those on MSN. Best Beware!

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