Saturday, July 18, 2009


I spent my friday night watching Radit dan Jani - a story about modern star-crossed lovers.

The Characters
Radit is a full-time junkie and a part-time husband. He wears thin on patience and rages at just about anything.

Jani is a full-time wife pledged to her marriage with Radit. She has about zero principles and will do just about anything to be loved, like believing in empty promises. Thankfully, she is a treat for the eyes.

The Story
Together, they drink, smoke and fuck without a care in the world. They steal things in exchange for food and rent. Karma tapped them both on the shoulder and their joyride soon turned into a bandwagon of neglected responsibilities.

When they tried to leech off Jani's parents, they left without blood and hungry. It finally struck them both to get a job, like normal people do for money. Nonetheless, this was in vain. I guess some people are just not meant for work and are eternally ergophobic.

At one point of time, Jani had sex with some drug dealers in exchange for drugs to feed Radit's habits. It sickens me to the stomach.

Some time later, Jani found out she was pregnant. Radit made numerous promises to change and provide for Jani. Wow, story of my life. Too bad his addictions got the best of him. In turn, Jani skipped doctor visits and went without prescribed medication due to their lack of income.

Jani fell sick one night and told Radit to come home from the club he was at. Radit was dared by a fellow asshole to drink piss and in return, the fellow asshole would pay for Jani's medication. He took it in like a man. I've always known faeces was the true test of love. This is an "I told you so" moment.

Then, Radit got beat up pretty badly by a guy he once stole from. He came home to find a pale Jani sleeping reminding him of his expert role of lousy junkie husband.

The next day, he sold her off to her parents over a bowl of her favourite ice-cream. He cries. She cries. Ok, moving on.

A few years later, he grows a pair and comes to visit her with a present for his little girl. He leaves her in the end, letting her go because it is the only way he can afford to love her.

The end.

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