Thursday, July 16, 2009

taugeh dance

Happy birthday Min!!

Yesternight was spent at Limbang Park, sitting in a celebratory circle, playing Murderer and The Whispering Game. I think we did pretty well at the whispering game, despite the one or two people who liked to change the message. I was a laughing riot when it came to my turn.

Later that night, we fidgeted over to the exercise corner and had a mini-exercise day. Work those hips! Then, we formed a dance crew and called ourselves "The Cool Cats", minus The Cool though. Ming introduced to us the The Taugeh Dance which is damn original lah.

This is not The Taugeh Dance, more like just an attempt to dance anyhow. Operative word here is attempt. Feast on it(or not).

I had a great night and sure hope Min had an even better night.

Jakarta is next week. We've booked accomodation and pretty much planned the malls and streets to conquer. How very Christopher Columbus!

You know how dogs pee to mark their territory, I guess humans are the same way too except we have fancier defaecating bowls and such. Ewww, that's right. Let's get territorial.

Izaril gave my blog a facelift like the little html surgeon he is. I think it looks pretty fresh though I'm not so used to having that much white space associated with me. But hey, I can pave way for change, I hope. Thanks Izaril for such a good job, put them up way high, give me give me that high 5!

I'm going to miss you forever, dear old black minimal default template. There will always be a special place in my html heart for you.

I am so violently happy right now. Love and light.

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