Saturday, July 25, 2009

ten facts and facets

1. This blog is named after a song by The Cardigans called Explode to which the lyrics are relevant to my daily context.

2. I had afro hair, much like pubic hair as the centrepiece for my head for many years. Rebonding saved my life.

3. You learn much more from being silly than being a smart ass. Your intellect will not gain credit here.

4. I may appear damn silly but there is alot of angst in the closet which waits for those who provoke.

5. My tummy is twofold. Add four more folds and I can call it a six pack.

6. If I turned against my gender preference, Ellen Page would be the top choice for her wits and non-vanity. Vanity is insanity, really.

7. No one should have to be the same nor try hard to be different if we gave ourselves a chance to shine.

8. When I type on msn, I am giving out priceless expressions to the monitor as if I were speaking to a person.

9. Life is about surrender, which you learn after you accept that things conspire for you, and not against you.

10. I'd choose a thousand little meaningful things over a few huge gestures. Always.

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