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I did Bali, Jakarta and Bandung back to back within the last few weeks. Indonesia is a such beautiful country and she is generous to share herself with the rest of us.

I've heard horror stories about the corruption and inefficiency of her judiciary and legislative system. A system mimics the cycle of our life, and remains man-made. It is a guideline, and like lines, it is not flexible enough to encompass the big and real aspects of our lives. A man-made architecture means nothing to me.

In Bali, we stayed at a shit ass joint but I had a dope ass time. I love travelling and putting myself out of my comfort zone of four walls and little sense. Learning the ways of others teaches me about myself.

We had the great company of Ucho who drove us around for 2 days during our trip. Ucho is a honest and spiritual man and I am truly humbled by his presence. The wealth in Indonesia is highly sporadic, the rich are filthy rich; the poor are really poor. Its nice to meet someone whose priority in life does not begin with a digit.

- Begins descriptive entry, run for life now.

Day One - Flame Burgers

We arrived Denpasar airport at about 8pm and had prior ground arrangements with our hotel, Bali Summer.

Bali Summer Hotel is a pretty vintage joint, furniture looks older than time, but rooms are cheap and she is located about 5 mins aways from the beach. Given the price we were paying and the limited options we had thanks to the peak season, the hotel was value for money.

After unpacking, we littered ourselves on the streets of Kuta. We're trashy that way.

We parked ourselves on the recommended chairs of a Flame Burger joint. All hail flame burgers. It is so good, Imma' write a few paras of loving dedication.

Dear Flame Burger,

You are the tastiest piece of motherloving beef grilled with flame. When your holy goodness met with my taste buds, I knew it was meant to be. Your tangy and juicy bits had me hooked on first bite.

I asked if you would open a franchise and go international but I knew the answer had to be negative. Good things like you, come and go too soon.

Fuck Botak, Mad Jack, Billy, Ramly burgers. Don't even get me started on the self-proclaimed Burger King and their shit ass flame burgers *puts up my royal middle finger*. You are the real deal.

I considered building a home around you. There, we would indulge in choked arteries and unbalanced diets. We'd seize it all today and literally die tomorrow. It wouldn't matter for we made the best out of the time we were given.

I'm so glad to have tasted a piece of awesome heaven in my mouth. There is something about hot buns, beef patties (smith), a sheet of lettuce, tangy sauce and spicy chilli that makes this life so precious. I'm yours, truly. (I now totally know what Jason Mraz meant)

I'm gonna miss you forever, just like the Moffats. Till I feel your warm embrace again.

Day Two - Nusa Dua, Geger Beach, Garuda Wisnu Museum, Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu, Jimbaran

We met with Ucho around 9am and left the fate of the rest of our two days with him. We went to Nusa Dua and played water sports there.

  • Parasailing - We tied ourselves onto a parachute connected to a speedboat. The parachute went into the sky and we held on to our dear lives. The aerial view was breathtaking.
  • Flying Fish - We lied down on a huge raft connected to a speedboat while it sped against the waves. Our bumpy rides soon began to elevate into the sky. Cool shit.
  • Big Mable - Similar to Flying Fish but we sit down instead of lying down.
After Nusa Dua, we went to Geger Beach. This is my favourite beach for the entire trip. Gazing at the ocean is so amazing because the water stretches out without any island, ship or landmark in sight.

The water is a two-part of crystal clear and darker blue. The waves are high and ends in the middle of the water that seperates the clear blue from the darker blue, forming a concave to the shores. Just incredible.

I left my heart in Geger and headed for Garuda Wisnu museum, which was still under construction.

The sculpture of Garuda and Wisnu is really huge here. You can also get an aerial view of Bali where two beaches are seperated by land, forming an hourglass figure.

Thereafter, we went to Dreamland Beach, which is a fusion of beautiful waves, wide beaches, surf dudes, bikini bottoms and the precious sun. I wanted so much to jump into the water but we were pressed for time since we wanted to catch the sunset in Uluwatu.

Uluwatu is a temple on a cliff. Visitors had to rent a sarong to get in. The place is amazing but I was taken aback by the fact that the locals exploit the monkeys there. The monkeys would be snatch thieves and the locals would pretend to save your stolen items by bribing the monkey with peanuts.

Its a temple for god's sake. Start a donation box, conduct religious classes etc but not exploitation. I shall not rage on for fear of hell-ish judgments (if applicable).

Nonetheless, Uluwatu is really awesome. The waves beat on the cliff, forming rigged surfaces. It makes you wonder what it looked like when the cliff was still land and at the same level as the sea. That must have been in pre-historic years and the world was never set in stone.

We had dinner at Jimbaran Bay - famous for seafood. The seafood was alright for me. It was the Jagung Bakar Manis that had me salivating like a little food monster (Pardon the gross mental image). It was sungguh mantap. I was happily teasing the waves, feasting on that precious Jagung Bakar Manis, with the moon hanging on a low horizon, looking larger than life and orange.

I felt so one with everything. Amen.

Day Three - Sukawati, Rafting, Kampung Bali

The initial plan was to head out to Kintamani and have lunch at this place that overlooks the mountain but thanks to horrible traffic and god-awful sleeping habits, we couldn't make it in time.


We went to Sukawati instead where we were street hustled by men and women who wore their store inventory as a hat. True story. They stacked everything at the top of their heads. We lunched at a rundown Nasi Padang stall. Mmmmm, street food. Word. Holla at my tehbotols!

After lunch, we went rafting. This was the highlight of the trip. We paddled through water rapids, capsized into the river, jumped from a higher ground into the river, and had the unspoiled rainforest as our backdrop. So much fun, my vocabulary lacks the words and lustre to quantify this experience.

When the raft ride ended, we took a rough ride in a lorry to where we launched off earlier. The ride is a sight for sore eyes, it was views of green plains and mountains which gave us a small taste of the simple life. I adore that life.

I had a good long cold shower and scoffed down more food to tank up on energy. On our ride down the mountain, we met with an accident at a junction. The village people began to gather around our van, we were almost fearful. Luckily, Ucho was a man with ways and settled the matter.

We shopped for souvenirs at Kampung Bali. Btw, there was a 2m statue of a black dick there. What a ride!

Day Four and Five - Shopping at Kuta, Massage & Hair Spa at Smart and Home

I spent my little wealth away in Kuta. Bought a few shoes, some tees, a cap and etc. Material pursuits are grey and need no exploration.

From my previous Batam trip, we tried Indomee Mi Goreng Kriuk, which is damn tasty and goes into my list of glorious food. What's not glorious about ease of prep yet intriguing taste! We went hunting for this and got caught up in Smart Massage Parlour instead.

I had hair spa treatment and foot reflexology. The place looks zen and the masseuse is very friendly. Perfect way to end the day.

We lepak-ed at our hotel room and managed a few hours of sleep before the early flight home the next day.

- End of descriptive entry. Congrats if you made it till here. Put them up way high, gimme gimme that high five

I set out on this trip to realize my ocean-worshiping dreams. I ended up with more than what I bargained for, and it gives, even when you feel that it takes.

I love finding comfort and freedom in strange places and faces.

With that said, I must add that I believe having a good time is hardly correlated to your physical location if you keep an open mind. If I keep holding shit back like a constipated bitch, nothing and no one will ever be good enough for me.

Hence, I'm not hating that I am home now. It's all in my mind, right? Home is as good a place as any.


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I must say, your descriptive entry is very well-written and with pictures like that, you had successfully make me feel super jealous. Haha.

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come with us next time!! im sure that will make someone happy :)