Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Short stories are often ambiguous and open to interpretation. Although that may be appealing for some short stories, Fiksi is a movie that excels at clear and concise short-storytelling.

Fiksi is about Alisha, who was born with a silver spoon but given an empty plate. She is walled in by her rich father and lives with her servants. Her father imposes strict rules and expects that she is followed where ever she goes, pushing her idle mind to roam.

One day, she falls in love with an unknowing stranger who was filling in for one of her absent servants. Pushed by her living situation, she plans her escape and begins her spiral of twisted adventures. Everything has a purpose and hers was about to be fulfilled.

I bought the movie when I was in Jakarta with no prior knowledge of it but its really a gem. I love dark twisted untypical love stories. This movie beats an Eric Khoo.

Oh god, its 4.51am and I'm awake. My bio clock is so screwed. Better call it a nighhhhht.


Radya Wong said...

i dont think i was in the picture either.. what a waste huh.. :(

adrenalene.xs said...

yeah man, i think we decided to play truant. we were so young and rebellious. lol.

you should yearbook yourself too!!