Friday, August 28, 2009


Hah, so instead of posting at 4am, I am now taking it to even later. If this is like learning how to swim, I've definitely sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Khoo-Does.

I came across this under Elfie's facebook notes and it is too good to not re-post. I've highlighted the ones that I truly identify with.
. words is just like words, they form distinctive meanings. see what i mean

. true love is like this for me. admiring yourself in the mirror, at the same time looking out for flaws to cover before facing the world

. i've always thought that i'm humble. but then again, i wasn't great for a start

. i used to dislike certain people. now i tend to like those that i dislike, owing to the fact that i try not to be disliked by others

. to get a point, you have to get to the point. but the point is, there is no point. so stop pointing

. addiction, habit and emotion is a state of mind

. whenever i have too many unanswered questions, i don't question anymore

. when my honest opinions mistook has a sarcasm, there is nothing i can do actually

. i've occasionally gives out advice, i think i need them back for myself

. to err is human, to forgive is, always

. i just realized that i can't unravel the implications of, karma.

. few that believes in me, but never believe me

. the only time i think i'm a psychic is when i stop explaining, myself

. i never thought that i'm in a very difficult position in life. looking at others misfortune and setbacks, made me appreciate what i have. but then, funny how it is difficult to appreciate

. if i ever expect others to change, i quickly realized that it's hard to change, myself

. when i offer, i never expect anything in return - except sincerity

. sorry is not the hardest thing to say, but to feel sorry for someone is painful

. i think i'm unique, just like everyone else

. i thought i ever saw Sick Boy from Trainspotting in that classic bell ringing pointing finger in the mirror before

. i have never learned my mistakes, i just try to avoid doing it again

. this is serious-ly, nothing important

. whatever mentioned above, is strictly random and free from deceit. lines and phases found elsewhere is solely coincidence

- elfie prima putra
This particular one really had me.

. true love is like this for me. admiring yourself in the mirror, at the same time looking out for flaws to cover before facing the world

Initially, I didn't understand what he meant by this. So, the very gundu me, took it to the mirror and did exactly as he wrote it. It was such a simple illustration and it had never occurred to me that way before. I think its amazing. Khoo-Does #2.

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