Sunday, August 2, 2009

one night with mustaffa

... Though I would much rather title this as "One night in Mustaffa (Centre)". Way more suggestive and way less appropriate.

My immune system fell through over the weekend. Nonetheless, nothing can hold this woman down except amputated legs and gravity. I had a one night stand with Mustaffa (Centre) on Saturday, it was so much fun.

We took some crazy pictures. Scooch on over here for the eye-funny. Here's a taste of the hilarious impromptu costume party.

- We totally balled like manwhores and man tai tais.
- B.I.G meets GZA from the Wutang Clan.
- Tupac was finally resurrected though he was a few years late.
- See Syurga Kipas and rekindle your gone with the wind faith (or hair)
- Yellow boots. Yellow flippers. Yellow underwear on the outside.
- Batting action for some beating (off) fun
- Unpublished photos of B.I.G in been around the world aiyah aiyah aiyah. We've been playa-hated.
- The real chinese vs. The unreal chinese

I think there will never be a time when I'm too good for Mustaffa. HE IS THE MAN! We're totally eloping the next time round.

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