Saturday, August 22, 2009

yearbook woes

When I was in Secondary 4, I skipped my yearbook photo because I was too immersed in my inner demons. In the after years, I admit that my neglect for a class photo was a monumental mistake that I would regret till my last breath.

I have always hoped for a chance to turn back time so I can keep an un-swanky secondary 4 version of myself in between pages. I found my hopes and dreams on a cool ass website and so...

... I yearbook-ed myself.

There wasn't a prom night for my school either. This shit makes up for everything.

Here's me, K'naan and Edward Norton.

Here's me, Jason Mraz and Eminem. Yeah, Em was a jealous driver.

High school sweethearts.

Well, some girls have all the luck. Luck is an elusive commodity.

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