Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bad photography

Hi friends

A few days ago, my primary school friend added me on facebook and tagged me in one of our primary school group photos together. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see a young retarded version of myself.

See bottom row at the extreme right for the awkward Somalian kid. Chicken limbs and kinda down syndrome-ish right? But, can I just say that I rocked the chicken hair way before Rihanna? LOL. Rambut Rihanna, muka Rimas.

I think the digital age totally murdered nostalgia in photography. I know the picture above hardly counts for photography but it surely wins points for nostalgia.

Bad pictures have no means of survival in this time and age. They're only a delete button away. I'm getting bored browsing through pretty pictures of people, I want to see the realness, the ugliness, the truth, and the beauty captured in the stillness of a photograph.

So here, I would like to raise awareness on the extinction of bad pictures. Howells, sounds like a lost cause to start with.

My determination is as short as my attention span. I also know no shame for posting this kind of pictures. But imperfections make a man, right? Or a woman. What givesssssssss.


Zul said...

The boy at the back definately waiting to check you out

adrenalene.xs said...

yeah, cos little boys like retarded little girls.