Tuesday, November 17, 2009

kia ora

Way overdue since I came back from New Zealand more than a week ago.

New Zealand is nothing short of amazing. My pre-trip hype myself up plan was watching Sigur Ros's Heima and 10 hours of Lord Of The Rings. Omg, my heart truly is with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee regardless of age and time.

Please be warned that this will be a long entry. Clearly, I wasn't built to write summaries because I am a long-winded woman who never learns the art of paraphrasing.


After a 10-hour flight, I woke up to the view of the Southern Alps; snow capped mountains with hardly any flat land in sight. This is the kinda shit you see on Kanye's Amazing music video. I want this to be my everyday window view for real, to have and to hold, till death do us part.

The airport was a 15-minute ride to the hotel which was a smack dab in center of Cathedral Square. T'was labour day, hence streets were vacant and shops were mostly closed.

Early spring in New Zealand is cold and the wind whispers chills down my spine. I actually like that feeling since I live in a country that is mostly hot and humid. Christchurch is a city like any other. Nothing to rave about.


The bus ride to Dunedin took about 5 hours. The subsequent days also had alot of those 5-hour bus rides. At the end of it, I was like "HELLO MY GOD FORSAKEN LEGS".

Nonetheless, the bus rides had picturesque views. Long stretches of green land, rearing cows, sheeps, deers and horses. The coolest thing was that behind the green plains were the amazing mountains so far out, almost like a grayscale wallpaper to the farms.

The flowers have vibrant rainbow skittle colours, they blossom with the glory of existence. Occasional rainbows stretching across the skyline. Grass dancing to the beat of the wind. Beaches to my left. Mountains to my right. Feels like I'm righting all my wrongs.

The ride was so magnificent, the kind of beauty you refrain from blinking your eye, because you don't want to miss a thing. Then again, after totaling about 20 hours of commute, you're bound to snooze. I'm only human.


ZOMG Queenstown!!! The best part of the trip. A town in the mountains, filled with canyons, valleys, lakes, rivers, mountains and everything beautiful known to men.

... and men being men, turned this place into an adventure land for extreme sports. Here is a list of the things I did there.

  • Milford Sound - Awe-inspiring mountains in the middle of a huge lake, which is actually called a fiord. The place reminds me that the world was paved with good intentions indeed
  • Jetboat - 360 degrees turns in the river at ungodly speed in the cold water
  • Skydive - Dumped off the plane from 12000 feet with an instructor behind me at terminal velocity
  • 4 wheel drive - Skipper's Canyon and drove into a river in a 4WD at Arrowtown
What's not to love? I must say that this is the only time I've live up to my very pseudo pseudonym Adrenalene. Btw, I'm totally expecting big ups for my street cred for the skydiving.

In my highly inquisitive (and silly) mind, I concluded that there was no way anger should be allowed in such a beautiful place like New Zealand. To be mad at anything would be rude in the face of such magnificence.

My hotel room view

Fox Glacier

After awesome Queenstown, Fox Glacier could never match up. So, I'm not going to waste my self-imposed word count on it. Imma let the pictures do the talking instead.

*cue huge sigh of relief on your part*

Mother and I went to Lake Matheson and took a long walk alone in the forest trail. There was practically no homosapiens in sight. Way to spend quality time.

View from Tranz Alpine Train back to Christchurch

I had the best time there. I am definitely coming back to New Zealand to plant and hopefully sow more seeds of love. Next up, Phuket!

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