Wednesday, November 18, 2009

meteor shower

I saw 10 shooting stars last night and it was amazing.

The sky was pretty cloudy last night. Don't get me wrong, clouds do make a pretty sky but seeing a meteor shower is a rarity so I shoo-ed the clouds away. I owe you buncha clouds an apology but I promise to appreciate you more next time.

I crept into my house at 8am this morning from the misadventures of the leonid meteor shower. It is now 6pm and I haven't showered. This life of Taking It Easy has taken a toll on my hygiene habits. My longest record for going without a shower is 3 days and I'm shamelessly proud of it.

Conveniently, I've conjured the most logical explanation for my sense of smelly.
  1. I'm going grunge. Cue Nirvana music.
  2. I'm conserving water and trying to solve Singapore's water problem.
  3. I'm saving both water and electricity because of global warming.
  4. I'm trying to free Tibet from the Chinese occupation.
  5. I want to find true love that loves me regardless of race, language, religion and smell.
Its ironic how I began talking about a meteor shower and ended up needing a shower. Smell you later.

- love and light, adrenalene

1 comment:

radya said...

i remember grunge back in sec 1, although my sisters still think it's around. :)