Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new moon

Last weekend, I finally hopped on to the New Moon bandwagon. Yes, I spent 2 full hours in the cinema watching sexually tensioned teenagers contemplate their very real problems.

It seems that either the director or Stephanie Meyer doesn't believe in people having real hobbies or passion aside from those driven from their loins. With all that sexual tension and attraction between three doormats, you would think that there would actually be at least slight fornication, but no.

3/4 of the movie was a staring contest between Bella and Jacob / Bella and Edward. The other quarter was spent on Bella risking her life for the sake of having apparitions of Edward.

How their love became so strong beats the balls out of me. No real conversations. No laughter. Nothing in common. I get more chemistry from the science lab, for real. But oh well, what do I know? Life is difficult for the lovelorn.

The movie was not all that horrible. There were a few good shots of Jacob and his body which deserves an entire movie of its own. I mean, with a man like Jacob, what need would there be for a washing machine with such a washboard. GEDDIT GEDDIT!!

Me outies.

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