Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy endings

You are naked
Standing at the other end of this poison arrow
I am William tell and you are the girl with the golden apple
You are hungry to be swept off your feet
You wanna do this out in the open
But my aim is often weak and you fear my shoulders sloping
Your split ends will end up falling anyway
Before the weight of the apple world gets to turn them all grey
And your eyes they need calming down

Well you are wise and you are free
To let the apple touch the ground or keep standing tall
Cause this won't hurt at all

You are half asleep
You're half of a girl and half of a child
Maybe five feet deep
You're as tall as the world up to your eyes
And you've been hogging all the sheets
Often balling them up even drawing a line
And spending half of your time deciding to roll over
When you do, I'll be there with a smile expanding far and wide
And I pull you in much closer
In my dreams, you are queen of the ball
And sometimes you off my head
Well to me it's a happy ending
For you I'd fall cause that wouldn't hurt at all
Not at all

While this woman is sleeping here, I tell her what I can't if I were to wake her
Powerful but hardly will she ever hear the secrets that I've saved up

You are famous indeed for all your shyness
Ain't that sweet
Ain't this a fine mess
We're in so deep
I must've got lost in the process
Just let things be easy and an honest boy you've made me
Because the solice that you gave me was proven problems ain't the main thing to fall apart
The archers sloping shoulders
Well, any story's tale is tall thus reminding love is allegorical
I mean the goal here after all is not to hurt at all


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