Thursday, February 11, 2010


Once is an honest story of music and lyrics, of guy meets girl, and of love and letting go. The guy is a vacuum repair man by day and busker by night who resides in Dublin with a broken heart. The girl appreciates music, sells flowers by day, and plays a piano by lunchtime.

Musically, I am charmed by the duo who sounds alot like Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. Their little stories disguise between the music and it works like magic.

The love they share is not a big love story but an honest and simple truth. While fairy tales have happily-ever-afters and lasts a lifetime, real love does not promise the same. Real love is meeting another person who helps you create yourself and sets you out to everything you need to be. Hence, I believe this is an important love story.

The truth is that oftentimes, practicality reigns over love but that doesn't make it a sad story. Once excels at being a simple love story that is bigger than its simplicity.

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