Sunday, July 4, 2010

the return

In my most solemn voice, I announce my return home. I was feeling rather awesome until about an hour ago. When I opened my door, I threw my bags to the floor, scoffed down some food, turned on the tv, hooked on the internet and then I realized that there wasn't much else to do. As I am typing this, I feel like an alien on this foreign machine i.e. computer.

My frail words cannot begin to describe the amazing experiences I've had in Tioman in the past few days. It was 4 days of cutting myself off from the world that I am familiar with and plain bonding with great friends and nature.

No watch.
No evil tv box.
No internet.
No phones.
No air-con.

Tioman defies the law of diminishing returns. Last year was good, this year was just as good. There is much else of the world that I have yet to see but I trust that the places that matters are the ones that takes you to a journey within. I understand now that happiness is when your mind, heart and actions are in sync.

I miss :
  • The thousand stars across the night sky. The universe is so vast in comparison to the minute problems we devote ourselves to that doesn't matter given some time
  • Journeying to the land of no man where a thousand birds fly over the deep blue waters.
  • An 11-man fishing trip with the girls giggling and the boys serious with their (amateur) fishing
  • Laughing at the several failed kite attempts in the middle of the ocean
  • Snorkeling to peek at the sea's hidden treasure and finding nemo. It looked like I was on another planet when I looked below
  • Witnessing the ocean turn from deep blue to a light blue, as light as my heart
  • Jumping off the jetty with the beautiful girls I've grown so fond of
  • Suspended on a hammock blanketed by the night stars
  • The endless laughter and silly games
The city life pales in comparison to the beauty of the simple life. Nonetheless, I love it all for one does not exist without the other.

Thank you Dian, Yasser, Char, Fazli, Zul, Izaril, Ali, Haffiz, Aini, Sab and to the young padawan, Sara Iman.

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