Monday, August 9, 2010

master of the universe

Today, I'm proud to say that I finally know a man, who is truly a master of the universe. His style and finesse is so untamed, he has even grown a shadow, aside from his own. So fucking power.

His mind is vast like astronomy and words so chim like he was Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. There's really a catch to being that smart and all; the deeper the thoughts, the bigger the insecurities,

But bro, it's all good. Insecurities is a feminine thang and by default, I can honestly say I feel ya esp when its nearing my crimson tide. Those times, I scream like a bitch too. Perhaps, it is the postmortem of unreleased teen angst and some complex self-esteem issues. Don't worry, I have those too. Btw, how's your tide?

You can't change people if you can't even change yourself. It works both ways. I'm too old for this nonsense so please park your negative energy somewhere else. My need for adversaries died the moment I accepted life for what is. Hence, I am accepting you for what you are, and that is no part of me.

So despite whatever,  I forgive you for you know not what you do. If you do not know the offense, is the crime still punishable? You're too caught up in yourself to even realize what you're doing. The best thing is that when I end this post with a full stop, you're no longer my problem.

So be gone.

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