Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I feel like a shape shifter and lately I’ve been a version of myself that I haven’t known for some time. Dejavu can be stranger than fiction. You know you’ve been there before. You know you’ve pulled out of it. You even have the right words to recite. But at that moment, you’re a worrywart of the great but familiar unknown.

Perhaps, fear is like a shadow that is always there, holding you back from being in the now. A shadow lurks but I’m the real spineless creep. I was never ace in maths and these days, the fool that I am, has been trying to calculate risks for fear of an unfavourable outcome. I need to remember about taking chances, pulling the plug and taking the plunge because that is faith.

Apart from spine-growing activities, my mind is a cake and I would like to give someone a piece. It bothers me that I have to hold myself back from knocking some sense to an irrational man. My suspicions tell me that I am dealing with the devil’s incarnate but I’ve acquired solid evidence that you’re just really crazy. I suppose congratulations are in order since you are the first real person I know who is a complete and utter nutter.

Well, you have to lose it before you find it. Speaking of lost and found, I think it’s high time I make a return to nature and get my geosense straight. Geocaching this Saturday, damn right, dead left.

Shit, I went on for abit only to realize that I was just one happy thought away to remedying the less happy ones. Good job, get them up way high, gimme gimme that high five. Ok dah happy diam.

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