Saturday, November 6, 2010

whip my hair back and forth

Urgh, fuck.

I just woke up with my head spinning like a b-boy, except I don't dance. I attempted to feed my curiousity as to how many drinks I actually had last night, but my partner in crime remains asleep. I haven't woke up and felt this shitty in so long. Thanks for the reminder, guys.

I'm actually stuffing my face with food and drinking as much water as I can to nurse this hangover. Actually, I ran out of people to complain to, hence, I had to take it to blogger and complain to the virtual world. Me, my virtual reality and a much realer insanity. True story.

Last night, we were supercharged with a couple of six packs and howling the night away with likes of some serious throwback hiphop. When I say howl, I'm not exaggerating. God, that was fun. I'm seriously thinking about making "All I got is my 40s" my life mantra. Apa aku berbual ni. Pointless sia ni. Apanieee.

Anyway, indian my president guys.Well, I really feel like I want to abeegia some more but I guess I've spent my last quarter and ran out of words.

I cannot stop singing this since two nights ago. Last song syndrome rabak giler. Dah besar nak jadi macam Willow Smith boleh? Thanks.

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