Thursday, December 2, 2010

admeat defeat


Actually, that was more of a Hello :( My immune system has proven me a mere mortal once again, and I think I am having a Thursday Night Fever. Somebody call 911, shorty fire burning on my forehead? Tak hot sangat ah actually. I just popped some pills at work and I am feeling sleepy.

Amazingly, even sleepy people have blogging pangs. A blogging pang is much like a hunger pang, minus the calories.

How can it possibly be December? I think most of this year’s resolutions are still on the backburner, waiting for time to realize itself. My rationale is this :

A resolution is rooted from a problem. I was told that for all problems that I cannot figure now, time will reveal the answers. So, time is the solution to all my problems, right?

The purpose is to defeat the purpose. I guess some things never change i.e. me.

On other news, I miss the moon. News yang tak newsworthy.  

Ok dah. Tu aja.

- love and light, adrenalene

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