Friday, December 24, 2010

fat boy

I’m damn hungry because it way past lunchtime and I didn’t have breakfast. A hungry man is an angry man so here I am, being passively aggressive, in an attempt to express my hunger/anger.

Why do people say food for thought? A thought can never taste as good as bbq chicken or pizza. It’s ridiculous lah because there is no way my stomach can get any satisfaction from thinking, when there’s really nothing to digest.

Really, the English language is big fat lie. And I am saying this, as a big fat boy.

I’m so easy, really. My mind needs to stop counting calories and obey the fact all I need in this world is a plate of chicken rice from Tang Tea House to keep me happy and sane.

On other silly shit, I have set a target for myself : To have 2011 tweets by 2011. Don’t ask why! It’s just my thang. I’m irrational. Science cannot explain this crazy. I come up with silly shit to do, for the sake of doing something.

Really, Azlin. DREAM BIG. Go let your dreams be dreams.

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