Tuesday, February 1, 2011

adam and eve

My company is not giving half day for Chinese New Year’s eve. I suppose they’re living up to the term misery loves company. You know how we do.

On a lighter note, today I was making my occasional tea run and decided to drop by Ana’s table. Then, she asked me if she could time-travel to Wednesday evening, and my face lit up that very instant with a ‘Yes’ and I asked her to take me along. She got off her seat, stood up, took my hand, and we both took a jump forward. We’re practically ten years old and we’re jumping in the office. I love how easy we can be!

Ana is leaving Singapore for good and I know I will miss her. I foresee some heavy water works when that day comes and I look forward to a good cry.

I love how life is made up of these little stories, each making up a piece for the bigger picture. Sometimes, I stress about the parts which are missing, but ultimately, I trust that those pieces will be found in due time. My life is an Eric Khoo movie, minus all that serious melodrama.


- love and light, adrenalene

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