Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear Luna,

I love you.

You're like a distant lover. Albeit inconstant and not always here, you're always in my heart. Pay no mind to Shakespeare because he had it wrong when he called you fickle. Your love is not a variable, but a constant integer in an inconstant equation of the magnificent scheme of things.

I've spent many nights serenading you, professing my love for you. Love is crazy that way. You take me to that special place in my heart that knows of an unconditional love. It's a lot like falling in love for the first time, everytime, even though you've seen and known the same face for decades.

I wish I was the rainbow orbiting around your beauty. Each time night befalls, I search for you and wonder where you are. I love the way you look in the mornings when you become thick as thieves with the clouds, and cascade into the cerulean sky. I love how you rise from the sea and make your gradual mark in the bird's eye.

I couldn't care less if my love is unrequited because honestly, I've surrendered to all that you are and I adore you, my beautiful luna. I suppose this is what its like when love comes full circle, like you.

Thank you for this love that is like no other. Bella, do what you do.

- love and light, adrenalene

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