Sunday, February 6, 2011

bruise almighty

My friends from across the border paid us a visit over the long weekend. We spent Thursday in ghost town Orchard, which is actually a yearly routine for me during CNY. While the Chinese celebrate the new year and what's to come, I celebrate the past and the ghost of capitalism.

We took it off the beaten path and went to Ubin on Friday for cycling. I fell pretty bad and my battle scars live to tell the tale. The moment I lost balance of my bicycle, I got right up and smiled in klutzy embarrassment, not giving mind to the pain. Moments later. I realized that a part of my hair was covered in blood and I was pretty surprised because the pain was minimal, but the blood was worrying. Well, even the best fall down sometimes (but I fall all the time so I must be pretty fucking awesome, riggght?). Optimistic liars or pessimistic fools. I choose the former, okay?

Anyway, I think its my bruises look pretty swell (pun intended) and quite gangster. So, I suppose every weakling has a silver lining. In entirety, I still had a superb time in blood, tears and sweat. My life in three nouns. Don't get me started on the adjectives. Word is bond but let's not get into a sticky situation.

I hereby bid adieu and leave you with what I believe is an apt song for my bruises. I am permanently black and blue for you.

- love and light, adrenalene

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