Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Every now and then, I have the urge to talk cock. For some time now, my nonsense has been fenced up and today, I'm setting that shit up on fire like an arsonist and watch these words burn. Shit has been bottling up and its time to hit the flush button and release the fumes of happy. My shit is manure. Your shit is so-so smelly.

Talking cock is possibly one of the most important things that keeps me sane. It is obviously tedious to find a real hobby. Most involve too much physical or mental activity which I choose to keep at a minimal operating level. The important thing about hobby is passion and I am passionate about nonsense. I am the master of my own nonsense.

There are a few friends who I look for when I need a catalyst to keep up the happy. Other people have what they call a political connect. I have a political kay-one-kay.

Ok I tired talk cock already. Good night.

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