Monday, May 9, 2011

carpe omnium

Good morning Monday.

You've crept back into my days so silently. I hardly noticed you standing right around the corner. I want to make this Monday count. There's been some things I need to remember, some things I need to learn and some things I need to let go.

For the longest time, I remember investing all of myself in one person and it made me vulnerable. The moment you NEED someone in your life, the wanting becomes secondary and your presence is no longer a choice. These days, I try to scatter myself in a few places, and that diversification, albeit messy, gives me the freedom of choice. I am literally all over the place.

Sometimes, I feel the need to validate myself when I act from a place of fear and lack because I forget that there is a place of abundance within, which is where all things begin and end. After all, I am part infinite, part human. I'm not afraid of adversaries. There are no bad situations, nor good ones. There are only opportunities to grow. I do not choose to be right, I choose to be the better version of myself.

So today, I resolute again that all I need I can search within myself. My presence is a choice and I am here because there is no other place I'd rather be.

I want to savour each moment.
I want to taste each tear.
I want to heave the biggest sigh in sadness.
I want to make my laughs big and happy.
I want to smile in the face of adversary.
I want to love unconditionally.
I want to give, and expect nothing in return.

I've read somewhere that the only way to live is to learn how to die, so live each day like it’s your last.

In-joy your day. Seize it all.

- love and light, adrenalene

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