Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today, I was reading thedailylove and these four words stood out from my morning feed; love is letting go.

The truth about relationships is that it is never about permanency. The fact remains that the people in your life will come and go; your friends, your family, your loved ones.

Many times, I've seen a good friend turn into a foe. Well, its not like I bother to keep enemies, I'm no longer 16 and I have no need to harbour hate on a daily basis. I have long since banked in this reality cheque when I paid my dues.

Wait, wait, I lost my point there for a while. Clearly, I have attention span issues. I'm not focused man, tell them to stop hollering man. Ok sorry sorry.

I've come to realize that everyone you meet in your life serves a purpose. Therefore, I stand here (but I'm actually sitting down in front of my computer) grateful for all that was, which makes it all there is. I've learnt that you should trust that things do not happen to you, but they happen for you, as do people.

So, if you're facing a bad ass situation, you should keep your head up and mind strong that it is happening in your best interest. Things have a way of working themselves out when you map yourself in good intentions.

Ok lah. Thats all the sharing I can wrung out till I hang dry. What you beegia-beegia. K bye.

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