Tuesday, July 26, 2011

everyone wants to be frank

Fuck! How the hell did things get so fucking serious? If there’s one word that aptly describes the way I feel as of this moment, it’s torment. Straight up, stripped down emotional torment. So, I turn to myself in my highly insidious ways, and ask again for the source of all this unnecessary (chinese water) mental torture, and frankly, I didn’t find a simple answer.

On another note, I’ve always liked the name Frank, everyone wants to be him. His social status must be through the roof. If he had a facebook account, I bet he’d have a thousand friends and a million likes. Well, these things are pretty fundamental to life, success, and happiness. If statistics say so, it must be gospel truth. Amen. Negro, what gives.

So back to the bit on getting an answer for the cause of all my severe and very important problems, the answer that I received was ambiguous, and only left me with more questions than I had in the first place. /cue scratch my aching breaking head. So I figured, my problems must be very important because I’ve heard from several sources (thus making it reliable) that important questions have answers that lead to more questions, much like the quest for knowledge. Then, if like that, I think my problems are damn power already.

Why do people create so much shit on this earth, that they mismanage and in the end, ignore that they had parented a catastrophe.

Lately, I haven’t had much funny nonsensical thoughts, I’ve had serious nonsensical thoughts, those are not so much fun. Le tired of being so serious all the time, life’s not a funeral, so fuck you Band of Horses for ever had me thinking so, but awesome song!

Well, the point I wanted to share was if you’re having a bad day and you’ve reached your wits end to make it better, perhaps poking fun at your emotional drama could only make your situation less grim and traumatic. It’s a little unfunny how we take life abit too seriously and give power to the minute things.

Here’s to little big things,

- love and light, adrenalene

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