Sunday, July 3, 2011


All stories are love stories. I'd really like to think so.

I've been blessed with an awesome group of people in my life. When I am less, I sometimes forget and I begin to take these people for granted. The most beautiful thing is that they persist and remain in my life. Even when I become an entirely different person equipped with self-destructive tendencies, they''ll stay with me then, and they're still with me now. I am eternally grateful.

Its as if life has a complex filtration process that distills and leaves you with only the essence of what you need. So, it makes sense to surrender to what is and let life take its course. Trust that you have all that you need, and you do.

I've heard stories where people search for unconditional love and it always sounds like an endless pursuit. I don't think it is that difficult to find unconditional love, because it comes in so many forms and places.I know this because I already have unconditional love in my life. They might not always be in close proximity but they're always close to my heart. It is the single most beautiful thing I know.

Yesterday, I was faced with the pain of the possibility of having to let go of someone I love. It felt like a huge slap on my conscience and in a instance, shuddered the utter nonsense in my head. I was so caught up in a clutter I couldn't get out of. I am sorry that things had to go down, and it stayed that way for some time before I found it in myself to pick it back up. I am ready to let go of the details because I see the bigger picture with you, and I wouldn't settle for less until I know I've tried my best.

Everything happens for a reason. I choose to learn and grow from the emotional downfall from a few days ago. Adversaries are part and parcel of everyday living, but it is the power in which you give it, that will determine if you will make or break the situation. And nikkuh, I'mma make it.

I'm in alchemist mode and I'm about to take that fear and transform it into trust. Cheh, mana peh terror. HEHEHE.

Love would love to love you now. K bye bye.

- love and light, adrenalene

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