Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello world. How are you?

I’ve been up, down, and out these past few weeks. With another left, right, A, B, C and Start button, I can officially deem my life situations a game. Tapi biler nak menang, God knowsss.

I’ve been meeting more friends nowadays, not particularly because I have a colourful social life, but because I find myself in the need of the company of others. Tonight, I’ll be meeting Linda and I’ll be bringing her to my secret place. I haven’t met Linda in years, so I’m really looking forward to tonight.

I found this awesome place near my place at an unopened park, where you can lay away by your lonesome, commune with the night, on a bridge above the passing of a river. I am naming that bridge “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. How very Simon & Garfunkel of me.

Last Monday saw me, Dian, Fazli, Lan and Zul at Beirut fish-dancing to some happening Indian music which was totally random and a lot of fun. The thing all of us shared in common was a diver’s license and spontaneity. Is there really a need for much else in this life?

Well then, talk soon.

- love and light, adrenalene

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