Thursday, November 10, 2011


The old shit from your past that you carry everyday, which you do not need, but you let it wear you down anyway.

How much baggage do you carry with you everyday? How much of it do you really need?

I carry so much shit with me then I ask what's keeping me down. Kan pandai tu. Bro, how about you start by checking what's in your bags first (obviously, so much nonsense), then you inspect what it is that you've been carrying in your heart and make that choice to bury the hatchet, then u gi holiday confirm baggage allowance tak exceed. Save money, You happy, I happy.

Abeegia nampak. Shit happens to the best of us, that must only mean I best giler, right? Rightttt.

I do carry some personal grievances against some people. I've tried looking past it but its just not in me to fathom their existence, or lackthereof. It's so weird how looking at their names just sets me off into negative vibrations of un-ohmly thoughts. To remedy this, I avoid these people at any means necessary so I can push aside that fear and loathing.

But recently, I've learned again that what you resist, persists. Ohwells, time to put my bags down, I guess.

Live, Love, Travel Light,
Godspeed (You! Black Emperor),

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