Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Self,

Things have a way of going wrong. It always does. Perhaps this is the way the universe signals that you need to make some changes. Perhaps these are warnings to a bigger disaster. Perhaps it is just that one thing happens in order for another to take course. Perhaps, things are not going wrong, they’re just not going the way you expected it to.

So where do you stand when things happen to you? Seek, forgive and make the effort to make the difference.

Your heart is heavy, but remember that your pain is an important teacher. Lean into the discomfort and listen to what your pain is trying to tell you. It takes some work to make it work but it will be worthwhile. Don't let your mistakes happen in vain. Your mistakes are loud, but listen to your lessons.

Work on your relationship with God.
Work on your relationship with yourself.
Work on your relationship with the people you love.

The truth is that you will never be ready for half the things that are happening to you. They happen to you anyway and you manage that chaos. After all, there is freedom in chaos, and the choice you make when things happen to you is yours alone.


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