Thursday, January 12, 2012

people and things

I accept that people and things happen to you for a reason. After they happen to you, some of them stay, but most of them will leave after their purpose has been fulfilled. The lessons are the ones that stick with you, if you allow it to.

Holding on to something after their purpose has been long fulfilled is the same as filling your head with the carcasses of the past, and trying to resurrect life from bones. I am full of it, then I stupidly ask the question why my head is heavy and why my attempts are futile.

My problem is this. I can't tell the difference between the things that belong in the past and the things that belong in my present. I am short-sighted. As I am penning this, I am beginning to think that your choice in what belongs in the present is non-existent. You take little ownership in who shows up in your present, because it is as it should be.

I think we were all meant to soar high. Our wrong choices pulls us down and stops us from taking flight. It takes discipline to make the better choice, because the best thing may not always be the same present you envisioned. Then again, our wrong choices maps us to the right ones.

- love and light, adrenalene

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