Friday, February 3, 2012


What is freedom?

If freedom is a place, why am I unhappy here.

If freedom comes from within, why does my body feel like a cage.

If freedom is doing what you love, is it not the same as being enslaved by the same thing that you love.

If freedom is a smile you feel with your heart, why do I frown in the face of adversary.

What if freedom was a relative state of mind?

What if freedom wasn't made for me because I was meant to embody this vessel?

Why do I want freedom? Why does anyone want freedom? What do they want to do with that freedom?

If freedom is doing what I want, why does my wanting pains me?

Freedom is elusive, and wanting freedom entraps me. If my will and wanting causes me pain, then my free will does not free me. So, I examine at the root of my wanting. Do I want the wrong things? Does wanting the wrong things hold me captive?

My will is to will His will. Freedom begins with wanting the right things, for the right reason.

- love and light, adrenalene

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