Thursday, February 2, 2012

in retrospect

I was listening to As.One Family’s Anthem this morning. This was one of the first tracks I recorded, and this was 12 years ago. Back then, we recorded at Azrael’s place with a Compro microphone. Compro has probably folded since, and As.One evolved into XS.1. Talk about viability, who knew we would withstand the changing tides and weather for 12 years and had a better business plan than Compro, with way less capital. The new world order got nothing on us.

When the first compilation was released, I remember hanging out with the boys at Civic Centre, we would play the Anthem repeatedly, and we would recite it word for word. The energy and enthusiasm we had then was something that could never be emulated, nor replaced. Throughout the years, we share several antics, too many inside jokes, and we were a kinship of brothers, before rhyme sayers. We were all freshmen when we did the anthem. If you check our website, most of us have been graduated and achieved alumni status. It is apparent that the valedictorian verse in the anthem belongs to Haffiz.

The higher power gave birth to this rhyming patriot
The underground, we gladiate, moving lyrical chariots
My devotion will stay deep like the ocean
Despite the waves and the storms that we facing
Bring back the love that we once had, think back
Bring back the love that we had, reach slowly back to strength
Bring the power back to the bond we once lived
Bonding over a common passion gives you a stronghold in doing what you love, and when you get down to doing things, it begins to shape and define your character and who you decide to be in your life.

XS are the people I keep close to my heart. These are the people I grew up with. They are the funniest bunch of people around. We used to hang out every Saturday and waste away, and on Sunday, get down to lacing tracks. Some of us are still active, and others indefinitely deactivated. Some of us are on to other projects, and others have chosen different paths in life.

But still, XS, my brothers.

- love and light, adrenalene

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