Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OK Computer

I think I am a computer.

Life’s been teaching me hard lessons and I can feel the anti-virus in my system resisting this software update as it quickly begins scanning for bugs and viruses, hoping to stay at the current version.

Its just like staying at Windows XP, because new is not always improved i.e. Windows 7. This remains a temporary solution because we all have to move on someday. You can't possibly still play Sega, while everyone else has begun xbox Kinect. Well, you can't. I can.

Perhaps, the problem isn't my operating system. The problem might have rooted from a virus from one of my recent installations, thinking it was for my betterment, but it led to my detriment, when the virus mutated into a type Beta epidemic.

I've been told that everything I need, I can search within. So I often seek Google for my daily needs but my search results are cluttered. I know the answer is there but it an acquired skill to be able to find the jewel amongst the junk. Honestly, I’d rather play Bejeweled, cos I kick it ol’ skool’ like that.

The last I heard, they're taking down my wikipedia bible, so I await the new testament.

My fellow gizmo whiz advised me to defragment my hard disk but what they don't understand is that my data is is highly unsegmented and has reached all my drive's capacity. De-fragmenting will be a tedious task and might crash my PC in totality, and I don't do Safe Mode cause I'm reckless that way.

Reformatting my hard disk is my final option but I have serious reservations. I have been using pirated programs and my keygen has ceased to function. The lives and times of a Bandwidth Bandit.

I guess in the end, I'm left with 2 options; to live with a PC with viruses, or a PC with nothing at all. Radiohead says OK Computer, u sure anot...

And I’m a big fat fib, because I’m actually using a MAC and not a PC. Sorry Bill Gates.

- love and light, adrenalene