Monday, April 2, 2012

rome o and julie t

They say all roads to Rome, and I keep on losing my way. It is actually a norm for me to miss my bus stop or take the wrong train or walk in the opposite direction of my destination.

I don't really want to be different, but I guess there is a carnal desire in me that wants to realize itself by going against the grain. You carnal desire very leceh and uneconomical you!

Sad to say, I get lost on these everyday roads, but I've never reached Rome. I usually end up in a strange no man's land, like a nomad without a map, or worse still, a nomad with GPS BUT NO SENSE OF DIRECTION. Again, I'd like to reinforce that lesser part of me with, 'you need to be lost in order to be found'. Gone are those geocaching days. Damn, I really miss that :(

It feels like I've said this too many times before. Anyhoos...

Some people say its about the journey, and not the destination but hello, have these people been on a holiday? How is my 22 hour plane ride to Hawaii better than Hawaii itself! Nigga, you can keep the journey. I'm all about the destination.

I wonder what's in Rome and if its all angels and demons and if a misadventure with Professor Robert Langdon awaits. Oh, science vs. religion, the ageless war prevails. And brownie points for Ewan McGregor as a potential up and coming pope. A man, amen, indeed.

- love and light, adrenalene

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