Monday, June 11, 2012

I want simple things. I figured that the joy in life is in the little things, so if I want simple things, happiness would be sustainable.

A few things are wrong with that notion because my dissatisfaction inches closer as each day goes by. First of all, happiness is not something sustainable. If you're going to make that your goal, be careful when the source of that happiness becomes a source of your pain.

It frustrates me because I feel that the things I want couldn't be simpler. Why did it seem complicated anyway?

I realized then that it was my desire for the simple things that complicated it. Its okay to want something. Its more than okay to want big things. The subject that needs to be kept in check here is how much you want it and your desire for it.

When I desire something and do not achieve it, this is what causes me distress.

Your wanting is what maps you to the future. You may not eventually receive what you set out for, but surely you will be led to what you need. I guess in a way, we always get what we need first, so we can be ready for the things we want.

If you want something, leave it. Let it be what it needs to be and let it breathe. Holding onto it will suffocate it and push it further away from you.

Let me be of those with no desire.
Let me be of those who wants something better.
Let me be of those whose hearts are in sync with their minds
Let my heart accept what it has long resisted.
Let me let go and let God.

Well, good night then.

- love and light, adrenalene

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