Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've been rather unhealthy these days. My weight has been fluctuating, I've been keeping ridiculous sleeping habits, I smoke too much, I drink too little, I do not exercise, I eat junk all the time at ungodly hours. Lately, I've been feeling lethargic and I've been witnessing shortness of breath almost every night.

Since I quit my job, I broke alot of routines, and I find myself falling all over the place, instead of falling into place. My self-esteem is in the sewers as of late. I need to pay closer attention to how I've been spending my time and what I've been doing to myself because it is my responsibility to strike a balance.

Well, it begins with an intention (and usually ends up in disaster).

I absolutely love this song because it serves as a reminder that you have to allow things to breathe, and let it be what it needs to be. We have every right to make it up as we go along and in whatever we choose, we will find a way. It's perfectly fine if the thing you chose, hasn't chosen you. Love may be the initial reason you hold on to things, but love becomes a stronger reason when you let go. I need to get that mentally and emotionally tattoo-ed, forreals.

- love and light, adrenalene

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