Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's a long road to forgiveness
But I got nothing but time
I will be there to bear witness
I've got love in this heart of mine

A tiny little teardrop in the ocean
Whose ripples never reached the shore
I was at war with my emotions
But I never knew what I was finding for

Forgiveness is the greatest kind of love there is
Just believe in what you can't see
Let faith be your evidence
You gotta shine a light on the path back to your home

After all, forgiveness, it is a long damn road
So it is so I've been told
So it is so it must be
So it must be

Time moves on and so will we
Time moves slow
And so it is and so it must be
So the sky becomes the sea
So the sky becomes the sea
Brett Dennen - It's a Long Road to Forgiveness

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