Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm sorry, but I had to write this.

I've never been into black guys. Sometimes, I do end up having a conversation which gets stuck with the question "Who is the most good looking black guy?". I realize that I am a superficial conversationalist, and I have no real stance nor defence to substantiate my gibberish schmooze so why bother.

Tonight, time has rewarded my patience in dealing with that dumbfounding, mind-boggling question with an answer. That answer, my friend, is John Legend.

How pretty is that boy's face? Have you seen the tits on that man? His arms can build a bridge upon my shoulders. I am so developing a girl crush at this moment. You see, the general assumption in all hiphop videos is that the men do the singing and rapping, and the women are the visual delight. So when I viewed the video below, it went against the grain because John Legend was the visual dessert, and the girl was just eh.


- love and light, adrenalene


pyschotic-weird-crush-abit-off-the-edge-secret-admirer said...

john mati ah sial..
ini boy legend..

Adrenalene, not adrenaline said...

HOLD ON. Let me google your name.