Wednesday, August 29, 2012


If I am happy and I achieve all the things I've dreamt about, will I soar in the ecstasy of being, that I forget my purpose?

If I am defeated and left with nothing, will I remain on the ground and stay focused because all I have left is my purpose?

What makes you remember? What makes you forget?

The people who have little, learn to have what they need. The people who have alot, want more than what they need. Gratitude begins with a deficit, and ends in a surplus. If so, then shouldn't we be grateful that we are in a state of loss?

How do you begin to own something that wasn't yours, when you are not yours to begin with?

Luxury is the devil's desire that tells you to want more, in order to have more, and when you end up in the cluster of the material world, then you eat breathe sleep and die for the world.

Only you can decide what is enough for you. If you decide otherwise, then it will never be enough.

I'm telling this to myself now. Good things turn bad. Bad things turn good. Those things eventually flee anyway. How can I bear a grudge when the basic tenet of life is temporal?

Everything is a test, and will be tested upon. Those mishaps are character-defining moments. If you choose to build, you take a step closer. If you choose to destroy, you take a step further. If you miss home, why do you continue to run further away?

But how do you miss a home you can no longer remember? If home is where the heart is, is it not the heart that misses its true master?

But what do I know, all I have are questions, but every question looks for an answer.

- love and light, adrenalene

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