Wednesday, August 1, 2012

waking life

Recently, I re-acquainted myself with the movie, Waking Life. Actually, I think we're more like good friends now, considering that I watched it again for 4 consecutive days.

Waking Life is about a lucid dreamer who dreams about conversations on life and philosophy. The conversations are often intense, which means I don't understand half of what is going on. My waking mind has a limited occupancy of 5 conversations or less. Then, I fall asleep.

I think philosophy is about self-exploration, which is a double-edged light saber. It could teach you about yourself, but it could teach you to have an infinite number of questions. Self-exploration should come with an understanding that we are limited and that some things cannot be seen and understood with the mind.

As I'm saying that, I keep thinking about this quote, 'To know oneself is to die to oneself'. I wonder who these people are and what they've been eating to have such enlightening thoughts. They say you are what you eat, all I am is chicken, and all my thoughts are cluck cluck. Pardon my food pangs, its Ramadhan and my stomach is hungrier than my heart and mind. Oh wait, that is the rule for me, and not the exception.

Do you think that experience somewhat handicaps our imagination? Experience is second hand knowledge, we attach ourselves to our experiences, and have expectations of how things should be. I like looking at knowledge as discovery and try to be Christopher Columbus about things, but I also play Marco Polo trying to locate myself in between.

Ok, nap time. Wish me luck on trying to have lucid dreams.

- love and light, adrenalene

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