Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am here again to speak about things that I don't fully understand, hoping that when I write this, I will find structure and meaning to this erratic train of thought that departs as quickly as it arrives.

There are so many words which I do not understand, and these words are thrown into the fire. As I sit and watch it burn, I breathe the ashes it releases into the atmosphere, so maybe I could live these words and turn it into experience.

My thoughts tonight belongs to my fears. When you love something, you are afraid of losing that object your heart covets. Just as you choose love, you incidentally choose fear.

When you fear losing something, your initial reaction is to obey the constricts to which enables you to hold on to the object of desire.

Therefore, fear is an enabler. In order to know the constricts of your fear, you have to learn to obey the object that you love. Your knowledge of that which you love requires acceptance, this is how knowledge increases through knowledge.

Without acceptance, knowledge becomes an affliction; that is why it hurts to know. The inability to accept will make you dwell on your fear; it could blind you, destroy you, and leave you to your fears. When you accept it and let it become you, the knowledge enables your fear to be a clear vision, releasing you from all other fears.

Acceptance comes only with a knowing in the heart, in the form of understanding through constant reflection.

Be careful with what you love because the right approach works only with the right application. If you love right, your fear will be the enslavement that sets you free. Love with all your heart, and let the fear of loss push you to be a better lover.

When the lover is ready, the beloved will appear. The beloved will become the lover and lover will become the beloved.

Tonight, I am grateful for my fear.

- love and light, adrenalene

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