Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The truth is that I love being on an airplane. I am above the clouds, and the clouds look as though they hold unspoken thoughts, like in a comic book, where the characters think and speak in clouds and bubbles. I guess my thoughts tend to be comical that way.

Tonight, I had the privilege of calling first dips in the toilet, or rather the lavatory, as they are better known on airplanes. It was so fresh, so clean and full of amenities, that's dope to a nigga like me. This reminds me of a Chuck Palahniuk novel 'Choke'. He is a seriously smart man with some dangerous thoughts. I find myself holding back when it comes to Chuck because the reckless venture of the mind can only make you lose yourself in thought. I was never into this whole game of getting lost in the first place. Besides, even lost things have a deep-seated wanting to be found.

I wonder if life should be dealt the same way we handle ourselves at the airport. Our experiences are the different destinations, and to each experience, we arrive and we depart in a timely manner. The traveller who truly enjoys his vacation is the one who lives like he is always on a holiday.

When it comes to the subject of travel, some journeys are best alone; some journeys are better together; some journeys are inward; some journeys are outward. Each journey has a meaning and a purpose, even those that seem to lack them. We all look for different things when it comes to journeys. Our lessons may differ but our destinations are the same.
If the journey is beautiful, worry about the destination.
If the destination is beautiful, why worry about the journey.
The fact of the matter is that life is transitional. It is that way with all things. You work hard for the things you want because they are worth the work.There will be barriers and obstacles but they determine those who are worth the destination from the rest. If you want it enough, you wouldn't mind the work, to a point that the work becomes a cohesive second nature that it no longer becomes work.

Well then, I'm off to watch some inflight entertainment to distract myself from the hunger. All this thinking is making me hungry.

Stay cool and funky. But considering where I'm headed, its more apt to say, stay cold and frozen. It sounds like I took a flight to the refridgerator. Naise.

- love and light, adrenalene

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