Tuesday, December 18, 2012

gravity is love

As of now, there are alot of unspeakable things going on in my life, things that I know, and things that I shouldn't know.

It feels like the missing puzzle is found, and for that part of the puzzle, I see the small picture. My negativity these days was actually speaking to me, trying to save me from something. The reason I couldn't control it was because it was meant for me and it had something to teach me.

The time that I wear on my wrist is pulling me into a different direction and I have to take heed, because it is gravity. Gravity is love. I fall because of gravity, and that in itself that keeps me to the ground is love. Love pulls all things together;  the earth revolves around the sun; the molecules and atoms that cluster together to form something. Love is the reason why we're all in our places.

I heard something last night that struck something in me. Do you know of your own beauty? If you knew how beautiful you really are, you would never do the things you are doing to yourself. The sun shines but it could be unaware of its light because it does not have a mirror to show how bright it really is. To the sun, its light could be darkness because it hasn't seen its own light.

I need that light. My thirst for that light is now a desperate pursuit.

The truth is everywhere, if you look for it. The truth was never hidden. All you needed was the readiness for a different perspective to see the truth. Falsehood cannot prevail in the light of truth. But I guess sometimes the absence of the light is a necessary part because we need the darkness to see the light.

- love and light, adrenalene

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